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Features of Shadow Puppets Flash

Besides China, other countries also have their own shadow plays that relay profound cultural characteristics. These shadow plays not only reflect the distribution of civilizations but also have become a quintessential form of culture and art. The following are introductions to some famous foreign shadow plays.

1. Indian shadow plays focus on religious mythological stories. Its puppets are characteristically dull in color and huge in size.
2. Shadow plays in southeastern Asian countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia were imported from India. However, they have developed their own unique characteristics. Their puppets are a little smaller than those of India, and decorated with exaggerations of national dress, especially in Indonesia.
3. Shadow puppets of Turkey, Tunisia, and countries in the Muslim Cultural District of North Africa are carved from camel leather. The figures are exaggerated and powerful reflecting the functions of satire and criticism.
4. Countries in Europe and America also have shadow plays with cultural characteristics that serve the function of social education.
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