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Features of Shadow Puppets Flash

Appreciating Taiwanese Shadow Puppets
(1) The origins of shadow puppets
(2) Roles in shadow puppet theater, the beauty of shadow puppets
(3) Designing, carving, coloring, assembly and attaching shadow puppets
(4) Manipulation of shadow puppets, appreciating shadow puppet performances
(5) Music and songs in shadow puppet theater
(6) Characteristics of shadow puppet scripts
To better understand shadow puppets from different cultures, we can take a look at how they compare in their materials, coloring and attachment of handles.
Taiwanese Shadow Puppets
1. Taiwanese shadow puppet theater originated from the Southern Chinese tradition in Zhangchou. It has evolved to its present state through the Ch’ing Dynasty, the Japanese Colonial Period and the Retrocession.
2. Taiwanese shadow puppets are all made of cowhide. They have tough textures and are highaly translucent.
3. Taiwanese shadow puppets are mainly colored in yellow, red, black and green, combined with brown and purple.
4. Manipulation of the puppets is done with two bamboo handles.
5. The usual height of Taiwanese shadow puppets is about one foot, the head is separate from the body, allowing just a change of head for use as another role.
6. Some animals, props and scenery are taller than the human puppets, such as dragons, oxcarts, city gates, trees and caves.
7. Can you now tell me the names of these shadow puppets?
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