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After thousands of years of evolution and exchange and because of the differences of geography and language, shadow plays in China are very colorful and characteristically feature a co-existence of old and new styles with individual features.

Shadow plays in China are distributed all over the country. They can be categorized into the following four schools.
1. Shanxi shadow plays have the longest history and can be grouped into east and west sects. Its puppets are carved from cow leather and characteristically plump, bright, well-made, quaint and exquisitely carved.
2. Sichuan shadow plays were imported from Shanxi. Its puppets are the most complicated and varied, with most of the figures round-faced. Real hair and feathers are sometimes used to decorate these puppets.
3. The puppets of Luanzhou shadow plays are smaller than others, carved from donkey leather, and coated with tung oil.
4. Hangzhou shadow plays were popular in the Nansong Dynasty (Southern Song Dynasty). Its puppets are carved from sheepskin. Because sheepskin is soft and easily bent, the puppets are only colored on one side.
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