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The Yongxingle Shadow Play Troupe did not have a fixed name when it was established by Mr. Zhang Li at No. 127, Ding Yan Cheng, Mi Tuo Zhuang, Gangshan Jun, Kaohsiung Zhou. In the beginning, Mr. Zhang named the troupe after the neighborhood. After his son Zhang Wan took over the troupe, he dubbed the troupe “Yongxingle Shadow Play Troupe.”

Yongxingle is famous in central and southern Taiwan for its Wen Xi plays such as “Cai Bo-jie”, “Su Yun”, “Ge Gu”, and others that combine singing and acting with acrobatics. Zhang Zuo and Zhang Sui were brothers who inherited Zhang Wan’s techniques. Zhang Zuo was responsible for back stage musical performances, while Zhang Sui was in charge of the on stage performance. These two brothers worked together very well so their performances were always well received, helping them to earn a good reputation. Zhang Sui was considered an expert performer in all shadow play skills. His iconic masterpieces were “Liu Guo Zhi”, “Wu Hu Ping Xi & Ping Nan”, “Feng Shen Yan Yi”, “San Jie Yi”, and “Xue Ren-gui Zheng Dong & Zheng Xi”. Now, Zhang Sui’s son Zhang Xi-guo, and daughter Zhang Ying-jiao have inherited their father’s career. They are usually invited to perform shadow plays throughout Taiwan, foreign countries, schools, cultural organizations, temple fairs, and so on. They hope to promote the art of the shadow play art in every arena available and help the public understand, appreciate, and treasure this valuable cultural heritage.
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