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1. Sheng
Sheng is the male lead role in the play, including Wen Sheng (cultured man), Wu Sheng (male warrior), and Lao Sheng (old gentleman). ”Zhuang Yuan (No. 1 examinee in the national exam)”. The Sheng in “Mu Dan Ting” is played by a young male.

2. Dan
Dan denotes female roles, including Hua Dan (coquettish female), Wu Dan (female warrior), Qing Yi (demure woman), Lao Dan (elderly woman), etc.

3. Jing
Jing, also called “Painted Face”, is a supporting male lead with special characteristics. Different colors of paint determine the roles’ characteristics. For example, treacherous men always have a white face. Cao Cao of the Three Kingdoms is the best example. Black faced characters represent justice and straightforwardness. Bao Gong and Zhang Fei are representative of this class. Characters that are loyal and unyielding, such as Guang Gong, Zhao Kuang-yin, and Wen Tai-shi are red-faced. Figures with a yellow face, such as Sun Bin are evil-minded. Blue-faces represent courage and ferociousness. Green-faced characters are hot-tempered and outrageous.

4. Mo
In the Yuan Dynasty, Mo referred to male title roles. Afterwards, Mo came to represent other male characters, especially middle-aged or senior actors with beards, such as emperors, kings, officials, and squires.

5. Chou
Chou roles are characteristic of jocularity, ridiculousness, and farcicality. Chou can be further divided into two types: Wen Chou (a comedian) and Wu Chou (a comedian with martial skills).
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