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Features of Shadow Puppets Flash

llustration of the five major schools of shadow puppet theater through their geographical locations: Shaanhsi, Szechuan, Luanchou, Hangchou and Taiwan

The Szechuan variety, which originated from Shaanhsi, uses puppets that are complicated and widely varied, oftentimes using real hair and bird feathers for accessories.

The shadow puppet theater of Shaanhsi uses puppets carved out of cowhide. The figures appear rounder, painted with bright distinct colors and carved with fine, simple designs.

The Luanchou shadow puppet theater, originating in Hopei Province, features donkey leather puppets coated with tung oil. They are smaller in size and are worth a second look.

Based around Chekiang Province Hangchou shadow puppets are made of lambskin, with only one side painted with colors. They are soft and pliable.

Taiwan's shadow puppet theater originated from Ch'ao-chou. Puppets are made of cowhide in simple designs and are highly flexible.
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