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The Fuxingge Shadow Play Troupe, whose original name was Xin Xing Shadow Play Troupe, was founded by Zhang Ming-shou who began studying shadow play skills as an apprentice to the shadow play master, Wu Tian-lai when he was 12. Zhang not only learned the Chaozhou tone but also learned how to play musical instruments very well. In addition to shadow plays, Zhang was also a professional chef and a member of the Songjiang Battle Array. After Taiwan’s retrocession from Japan, Zhang passed his shadow play skills to his disciple, Xu Fu-neng. After Zhang passed away in 1982, Xu took over the troupe and renamed it from Xin Xing Shadow Play Troupe to the Fuxingge Shadow Play Troupe. Xu did his best to promote shadow plays and even had French disciples. Fuxingge was often invited to perform nationwide and in foreign countries. For example, the troupe was invited to perform at the Festival d’Avignon held in France in July 1998. In 1985, the troupe was awarded the Ministry of Education’s Heritage Award Individual Award, and won the Heritage Group Award in 1990.

Xu Fu-neng’s younger brother Mr. Xu Fu-zhu is the incumbent head of the troupe, and also has devoted himself to promoting shadow plays through his rich performing experience. He is good at singing, endeavors to preserve the traditional Chaozhou tone, and is enthusiastic about the inheritance of this folk art. In 2005, Xu was awarded the Global Chinese Culture & Arts Award and in 2006 was invited to perform in France, Germany, and the Czech Republic.
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