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The Donghua Shadow Play Troupe has been handed down from father to son for generations. Although this troupe has a long history in Taiwan, rather than imposing restrictions on itself it keeps up with the times by improving traditional performances and puppets. For example, it has enlarged the shadow window and puppet size, increased the number of colors used, designed more easily operated puppet joints, created more difficult performance skills, and invented lights for special visual effects.

In addition to being famous in southern Taiwan, the Donghua Shadow Play Troupe was the only troupe that not only earned critical acclaim but also made a box-office smash across Taiwan in the 1950s and 1960s. Furthermore, they were invited to perform in Japan, the Philippines, Hong Kong, the USA, and so on. Mr. Zhang De-cheng, the fifth-generation head of the troupe, won the first Folk Art Heritage Awards in 1985 due to his great contribution to the shadow play art, and was elected the first culture arts teacher of Taiwan in 1989. Since 1987, Mr. Zhang Fu-guo and Zhang Yi-guo have taken over the troupe with Zhang Fu-guo as the sixth head of the troupe. These two brothers continue their father’s legacy and devote themselves to preserving and promoting shadow plays. They infuse their creativity into these traditional plays, winning a great reputation with their vivid and rhythmic performances. Honorably, Zhang Fu-guo was awarded the Golden Lion Award for Art Heritage in 1992, the Ten Outstanding Youths Art Heritage Award in 1995, and became the first person to complete the shadow play cultural arts teacher training course held by the Ministry of Education.
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