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Mr. Chen Zheng-hung, head of the Hungxingge Shadow Play Troupe, learned shadow play skills as an apprentice to Mr. Xu Fu-neng, head of the Fuxingge Shadow Play Troupe, and then established Hungxingge. In 1995, Chen went to a community shadow puppetry study class held by the Kaohsiung County Government Bureau of Cultural Affairs, and became attached to the shadow play art form. Under the instruction of Mr. Xu and with his own efforts and performance experience from Fuxingge, Chen laid a good foundation for his shadow play techniques. In 2002, Chen established the Hungxingge Shadow Play Troupe as the sixth shadow play troupe in Kaohsiung. In 2005, Hungxingge was the only shadow play troupe in Taiwan invited to perform at the International Shadow Play Exhibition held in Tangshan, China. There are four people in Chen’s family, all of whom are Hungxingge performers. In addition to traditional performances, they are also devoted to designing and infusing new elements into shadow plays. In the new drama, “Ri Yue Tan Chuan Qi” (Legend of Sun Moon Lake), they integrate shadow plays with a light show to create an entirely new performance style that has garnered much praise from their audiences.

With management ideas focused on maintaining tradition, promoting the art, and innovation, Hungxingge has designed an easily erected, patented stage system, researched and manufactured animal puppets such as tigers, elephants, butterflies, dogs, snakes, and chickens whose mouths can be opened and whose tails can be wagged to make their body movements very delicate and vivid.

In order to enhance the performance’s stage, Hungxingge created and designed the light and shadow plays, “Ri Yue Tan Chuan Qi” (Legend of Sun Moon Lake), in which puppets jump out of the screen. Hungxingge hopes this new breakthrough can create a new visual effect, raise the value of this traditional play, and become a new milestone for this cultural art.
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