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Originally named Anle shadow puppet Troupe, Hehsing was founded in Tashe Township, Kaohsiung County by Zhang Ch’ang. It gradually established its reputation under the successive leadership of Zhang Kai, Zhang Ku-shu, Zhang Tian-pao and Zhang Chun-Tian.
>> Second Generation Troupe Leader: Zhang Kai
>> Third Generation Troupe Leader: Zhang Ku-shu
>> Fourth Generation Troupe Leader: Zhang Tian-pao

At age 13, Zhang Tian-pao began learning this art from his father, Zhang Ku-shu, and trained himself to master the dialogues and the songs. In his idle time, he worked as a barber and fengshui geomancer. At the height of the troupe’s popularity, family members tended to the front and back stages.
Zhang Tian-pao fourth uncle Zhang Ching-ch’uan, for instance, was an excellent drummer and cymbalist. Zhang Tian-pao himself devoted himself to the improvement of the troup’s performance, amassing a large collection of shadow puppet scripts, and spending much effort in repairing and preserving scripts.

Zhang Tian-pao died in 1991. His eldest son Zhang Fu-ting, succeeded him. Today Zhang Tian-pao’s brother, Zhang Chun-Tian, lead the troupe. In 1991, the troupe was placed under the management of Zhang Tian-pao’s son, Zhang Fu-ting, with his uncle Zhang Ch’un-Tian taking care of performances. Musical accompaniment was assigned to brothers Lin Ch’ing-chang and Lin Lien-piao. The usual repertoire includes Hua kuang nan you-chi and Fengshen pan. Zhang Ch’un-Tian stands out for his traditional fighting scenes, with their natural verve and tempo.
Zhang Fu-ting devotes much effort in improving the puppets by enlarging them, changing into the two-eyed lateral styles and use of more colors, much the same as what Donghua had done. The stages used by Hehsingke are notable for their extravagance and beauty, which creates great impression in the eyes of the audience.
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