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Lin Wen-tsung, who learnedthe art from an artist at Yung-an, founded Futeh Shadow Puppet Troupe during the period of Japanese colonial rule. During the Kominka Movement, Futeh was classified as the “Second Public Service Troupe.” Together with Donghua, it was publicly acknowledged as a performance troupe that can aptly represent Taiwanese shadow puppet Lin was a master Puppeteer and was a diligent copier of scripts, such as those of Lin He-yueh and Five Tigers Pacify the South.

His fortes were martial and mythological shows. The troupe still preserves a rare script for a mythological shadow puppet performance, the Chou-shen hsuanching, based on an important religious text used in the worship of deities on ritual occasions. Futeh is the most traditional among the five existing troupes in Taiwan. Its stage design and structure still follows the traditional methods, and puppeteers still sit down during performances. Its puppets, also traditional in make, are simple but elegant.
After he died in 1949, his son, Lin Ch’i-liang, abandoned the performances altogether to work on another trade. The troupe started a revival in recent years, cooperating at one point with Zhang Tian-pao in promoting the art. The troupe is known for its performances of The Story of Trapped Sun Pin.

Current troupe master is Lin Ch’i-liang.

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