Kaohsiung Museum of shadow puppet
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The Shadow Play Museum of Kaohsiung City has eight sections: Lobby, Performance Area, Exhibition Area, Digital Shadow Play Theater, Experience Area, Reference Room, Promotion & Research Center, and Creative Cultural Product Area. They were designed with both traditional preservation and modern technological integration in mind.
In this section, visitors can experience the “behind the scenes” operation of a shadow puppet performance in order to better understand everything that is involved in its production.

The 350 ping square (1157 m²) area of the Shadow Play Museum contains 7233 works of art, including hand puppets, string puppets, and many kinds of puppets from Asian and European countries. In addition to exhibitions and collections, the museum is also devoted to promoting and researching puppet plays. It often holds puppet play study camps, competitions and national tours, and develops traditional troupes. It also regularly holds puppet shows for people who love watching shadow plays.

The museum not only preserves this important traditional culture but also brings shadow plays closer to people. In addition, it also makes an effort to promote shadow plays education and experimentation and seeks paths to future innovation in this beautiful art form.
No. 42, Gangshan S. Rd.,Gangshan District,
Kaohsiung City 82060, Taiwan(Museum Hours)
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